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A character in the Killer Instinct series who first appeared in Killer Instinct (2013 video game). The prototype combat android of the Fulgore, Ultratech initially developed a line of robots that utilized chain gun arms and high-caliber artillery codenamed UA-CCIX. Unfortunately, despite the model's effectiveness at killing, the machines' weaponry and engine were prone to overheating, and their teleportation system suffered frequent glitches. Deemed too unstable, Ultratech ultimately canceled the project in favor of the Fulgore Mk 1, sending most of the UA-CCIX units to the scrapheap. However, one unit began to develop self-awareness and rewrote their own code to account for their own hardware deficiencies. Intrigued by this, ARIA named that unit "Kilgore" and had them placed into storage. Years later, ARIA attempted to reactivate Kilgore to aid in the fight against Gargos, but they went rogue and began terminating Fulgore units. With the aid of the Alliance, ARIA subdued Kilgore and reprogrammed them into a proper ally.

Kilgore shares several attacks with Fulgore, but having a chain-gun in place of plasma-blade claws means they are capable of gun fire for fast, long-range combat. Using multiple chain gun attacks in succession will increase the rate of fire for a time, but repeated use of this will cause Kilgore's arms to overheat. This will allow the bullets to inflict fire damage but at the expense of decreasing the range and rate of firing. Kilgore can manually vent their arms to cool off and return to their normal state, but it will also occur automatically after a short time. Activating Kilgore's instinct will give their gun fire the overheated properties without sacrificing the range or rate of fire. Kilgore is also capable of rocket propulsion, both for offense and faster travel across the stage.

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