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  • ...rable attention due to her appearance and for being one of the first major female villains in video games. The [[Battletoads (1991 video game)|Battletoads]] [[Category:Characters]]
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  • '''Krystal''' is a blue female vixen and a main character of ''[[Dinosaur Planet]]'' and its released coun ...was over, Krystal managed to make it to the Great Fox and become its first female member, much to Fox's great delight, as their romance began to blossom.
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  • ==Characters== *[[B. Orchid]]: The main protagonist of the game and also the only female character. Orchid is a very sexy secret agent in a green latex outfit armed
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  • "When she was a teenager she was recruited by the female insurgent group known as the Red Eyes of Rylai. She gladly joined their ord * [ Killer Instinct]
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  • "Being descended from a famous onna-bugeisha (a female samurai), Chiharu’s father felt that it was his duty to train his eldest * [ Killer Instinct]
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  • ...present the proper number of musical notes). They also meet Humba Wumba, a female Native American and Mumbo's arch-rival in magic who requests magical Glowbo == Characters ==
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  • ...-Father played Ride of the Valkyries. In Norse mythology the Valkyries are female spirits who choose which warriors will live and which will die in battle. ...ikeness of a female. Psychologically humans respond more warmly to robotic female voices, faces and figures. But most of all I wanted to look powerful—like
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