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Weldar is the boss of Grunty Industries in the game Banjo-Tooie and is arguably the hardest boss to locate in the game as several trials must be overcome before he can be reached.



Weldar, a giant welding torch, resides at the bottom of Grunty Industries in the repair plant. When Banjo and Kazooie enter the room, they must drop down to the floor. A large door opens and the boss drags himself out. Weldar gets up and announces formally that bears are not allowed in the building. He is somewhat short-sighted, as Kazooie convinces him that Banjo is not a bear, causing him to remark that he should remember his glasses, but he decides to attack anyway since he's on his break. He chases them around the room for a while and then tries to vacuum them up through his mouth allowing Kazooie to launch a Grenade Egg inside Weldar causing an explosion. He then tries to stop them with nuts and bolts and crushing them with his body. After each attempt, Weldar turns on the power and all the cracks in the floor become charged with electricity making it harder for the duo to move around. Weldar then attacks using the same moves he used before. After being defeated, he explodes and is reduced to nothing more than a head, which crashes into the power box for the Air Conditioning Plant; all the fans in the cellar consequently turn off. Weldar gives the duo a jumping pad to leave the room and accidentally tells them where they are able to reach his Jiggy, which he stashed behind a giant fan for safekeeping.