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Template:Characterbox Very Gnawty is the first boss in Donkey Kong Country found in Kongo Jungle. He has swapped colors with Really Gnawty in the Game Boy Advance remake with Really Gnawty being green and Very Gnawty himself being red.

When the simians enter the battle, they find Very Gnawty jumping and leaping and Donkey and Diddy must jump on him five times to win. After every jump, Very Gnawty progressively jumps faster and longer, making it more harder for the Kongs to defeat Very Gnawty. After five hits, Very Gnawty collapses to the ground and Donkey and Diddy recover one of their Giant Bananas.



Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance



Name Origin

Very Gnawty's name is obviously a pun on the words Very and Naughty with Naughty being misspelled as Gnawty, due to their beaver traits.


  • After defeating Really Gnawty in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country, Very Gnawty appears in DK's Treehouse and when Donkey and Diddy enter, he runs past them and out the door. This can only be performed once per file however.
  • There are Gnawties in Donkey Kong 64 which surprisingly are the same size as Very Gnawty. It is unknown if the are the same Gnawty species as Very Gnawty. The only difference between them and Very Gnawty is that they only need one jump on the head whereas Very Gnawty needs five.