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Targitzan - Despotic Dizzy Totem God

Targitzan is the boss of the level Mayahem Temple in the game Banjo-Tooie. He resides in his temple, and seems to actually want to fight with Banjo, as he allows him entry to his temple. However, Banjo can only enter this temple if he has mastered the Breegull Blaster.

When he is allowed into the Temple Targitzan will tell him that to gain access to the Jiggy's in the temple, he must collect the Targitzan Statues that are lying about the temple. After collecting enough of Targitzan's Statues, the duo will be allowed admittance to the room where the Jiggy is. However, before they can grab the Jiggy, a large pillar shoots up from the floor, taking the Jiggy with it. The pillar reveals that he is Targitzan himself, and that they will have to fight him to get the Jiggy.

Targitzan's appearance resembles that of a Totem Pole. He is made up of layers, and each layer has faces and target's.While Targitzan shoots darts at him, Banjo must use Kazooie to shoot the targets with Eggs. Each time a target is hit it will start to glow After all the targets one layer are shot and glowing, the layer will explode, and Banjo can move on to the next layer. However, the layers are spinning the entire time, making it harder to hit the targets. Also, Targitzan will summon minions to attack Banjo. Eventually, after all the targets have been shot, Targitzan will explode and Banjo will have access to the Jiggy.

His name may be a pun on the word "Target" and the classic character "Tarzan".

He makes two cameos in Nuts & Bolts. The first is his original form at the bottom the large pool, and the second one is a soccer ball dispenser.