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Private Rodent, Conker's somewhat annoying "sidekick".

Private Rodent is a soldier in the Squirrel High Command; he is a blue squirrel with large goggles and an ally of Conker the Squirrel in the game Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.

When Conker first discovers Rodent, he is tied up in a Tediz base an about to be executed by a firing squad. After defeating Rodent's captors and freeing Rodent, the soldier squirrel decides to aid Conker in sabotaging the Tediz base.

Due to the fact that Rodent wears a prototype, indestructible armor, he actually allows Conker to use him as a shield as the two squirrels navigate they're way through the Tediz base.

After clearing they're way through the bulk of the Tediz base, Conker and Rodent happen to come upon a little girl. Against Rodent's protests, Conker decides to rescue the girl, with a reward in mind.

Eventually the girl reveals her true nature, she is apart of an abomination simply dubbed "the Experiment". Conker and Rodent are forced to due battle against the giant monster in a tank.

After the Experiment's body is destroyed, the little girl portion of the creature sends several Spider Mines at Conker's tank; the mechanical bombs end-up blowing up the tank with Rodent still in it.

Conker, thinking Rodent to be dead, quickly flees the scene as the little girl had activated the self-destruct mechanism in the Tediz base. Seconds before the base explodes, Rodent manages to dig himself out of the rubble of the tank; before Rodent can act, the base explodes.

Rodent survives the explosion of the base thanks to his armor. Instead of being blown to smithereens, Rodent was sent sailing through the air and ended-up crashing into the windmill in Windy.

When Conker and Rodent next meet it is in the rubble of the aforementioned windmill, Rodent having destroyed it when he landed. After a brief conversation the two squirrels part ways, with Conker refering to Rodent as an "idiot" and "retard" under his breathe, though it could've been done because Conker was frustrated at the time.

Rodent was last seen in "King Conker's" recently acquired castle in the closing cinema of Conker's Bad Fur Day/Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Conker: Live & Reloaded Quotes

With a Conker

  • Hurry Mr.Squirrel.
  • Hop hop Mr.Squirrel, there's no time to waste.
  • Chocolate is better than grapes!(x3)
  • Come on Mr.Squirrel the War are waiting for our Guns.
  • Don’t be a slow poke Mr. Squirrel.
  • Wars don't wait for slow pokes Mr. Squirrel.
  • Scabby on my knee! (x3)
  • Three too many! (x4)
  • I can see the Wars Guns in the Teddiz.
  • Is it safe to go walking now?
  • Says random lines of a poem:
    • There's a land called Squirrel High Command,
    • And living there is the Squirrel High Pop!
    • I'll go there soon with Mr. Squirrel,
    • And we'll search the place from fox tail to top.
    • And if we find no teddiz,
    • And if I eye no Porkchop,
    • Perhaps we'll dine on ham and jammie,
    • If we can't find the Squirrel High Pop!


  • Help me Mr. Squirrel! It hurts! It hurts!
  • You get away!
  • That one! (points at attacker)
  • Squirrel! (points at attacker)
  • Unzip ’im, Mr. Squirrel! Unzip ‘im!
  • Too many!
  • I dont like you! (points at attacker)
  • Save me sir Squirrel!

When Conker Is in Combat

  • Unzip him Mr. Squirrel! Unzip him!
  • Don't let him get me!
  • He hurt! He hurt!
  • You hurt my mouth!
  • Kill him! KILL HIM!!!
  • Time out! You got a time out!
  • Lets dance with them squirrel!
  • It's like they're dancing Mr. Squirrel!
  • Nobody hurts my squirrel!
  • Tear 'em into little bits!
  • All your faces are melted!

Before Vehicle

  • Look Mr. Squirrel, Weapon Car…

While Gathering

  • I like getting Weapon Car. Makes me feel special.
  • It's a pretty War.
  • This Wars looks like it's teddiz! (giggle)

After Conker Is Killed

  • No, Mr. Squirrel! (sobs) Please!
  • Wake up Mr. Squirrel!
  • Mr. Squirrel! Why aren't you moving?!
  • Get up, Mr. Squirrel! Get up!
  • Mr Squirrel! Mr Squirrel!

When Going to a Vent

  • Take me home, Squirrels!
  • Mmm, I’m ready for dream time, Mr. Squirrel.
  • Time for beddy-bye Mr Squirrel.
  • My tummy is full, Mr. Squirrel.
  • Time for a nap, sweet dreams War.

After Being Saved

  • Thank you for helping me.
  • Thank you, mister.
  • You saved me.
  • Thank you.

In Berri's Sanctuary

  • Hey! That's Mine! (Stealing a Pep Bar)
  • Who's he?
  • He's the one who saved me. or He's the one who hurts us.
  • Momma Berri says he'll help us! or Momma Berri says he's mean!
  • Come with me!
  • There he is! [whispers] The one who will save us all.
  • He's here to help us. or Stay away from him.
  • I love him.