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File:Fast Rabbit.png
The Racing Rabbit in Crystal Caves' igloo

The Racing Rabbit is a character in Donkey Kong 64.

It's a white rabbit that appears as an incidental character in Donkey Kong 64 in the Fungi Forest and the Crystal Cave levels, this rabbit is a dashing friend of the Kongs although it's not very clear where they met before.

In Fungi Forests he appears on a small vegetable house in the surroundings of the Owl Tree where, during the day once Lanky Kong plays his instrument will the sleeping rabbit wake up to challenge him to a race around the tree, if Lanky succeeds he will claim he wasn't really trying and that he challenges the player to a second race, he offers three banana coins once defeated for the first time and the second race places a special barrel to let Lanky run on his arms at full speed (but without infinite suply of crystal coconuts), though it should be noted the rabbit is three times faster than before, making this one of the hardest golden bananas to collect.

In the Crystal Caves inside the igloo Chunky Kong will encounter the rabbit protecting for unknown reasons a TNT barrel from a group of flame wisps, Chunky must defeat the flame wisps in a period of time before the Rabbit claim everything is in order and will take care of things from now on, although it makes no sense why he would choose to protect a TNT barrel or why he would be traped inside the igloo, afterwards he is nowhere to be found.


  • An odd thing about the racing rabbit is that it disappears on screen once the player loses a race just before the "try again" title appears, it is unknown if this is a bug or not.
  • The racing rabbit has a clock on his back as a backpack, maybe to imply his fondness of time laps in sprint races.