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The Racing Owl is a character from DK64.

The racing owl is a minor character that appears in the Fungi Forest level only during the night, it's near the vegetable house of the Racing Rabbit and is the central zone of the area, much like the Rabbit, Diddy Kong must wake up the Owl by playing his guitar although the Owl will claim he only speaks with people with wings, Diddy must use his barrel on the area and get back to the Owl to start the race.

The Owl will start by creating ring circles aroung the tree, this race is much like the Vulture test in Angry Aztec but the difference are the large size of tree branches around and the turns from one ring to the other making turnings with the jetpack quite difficult, also if Diddy has gap with the Owl of three circles, the race is over. Once Diddy completes the challenge the Owl will claim he must have made the track harder and places the Golden Banana Barrel on top of the tree, where Diddy can collect the Golden Banana after a Bonus Level.


  • The Owl has some similarities to the Racing Rabbit aside from the fact that both are on the same area, both challenge the player to a race, wear sport shirts, do not accept loosing and have a competitive attitude.