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The Racing Beetle is a character in DK64.

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THe racing beetle is a large blue bettle that appears in Donkey Kong 64 in the Angry Aztec and Crystal Cave levels, as its name implies the challenge it poses to the player are races.

In Angry Aztec, Tiny Kong must get inside the tower near a special Tiny Barrel, call Sqwarks with the Instrument Switch in order to enter the circuit the race requires the player to collect 50 DK coins and get first on the finishing line, however the beetle is so large it nearly takes all the road to itself and to make matters worse every time Tiny touches the beetle during the course she will loose 3 DK coins from her collection making this a very hard to get Golden Banana.

The Racing Beetle once again appears inside the Ice Palace in the Crystal Cave level for a rematch, however this time the race is against Lanky Kong.