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Lord Woo Fak Fak is the level boss of Jolly Roger's Lagoon in Banjo-Tooie, and resides at the bottom of the level's ocean in a broken locker labeled "D. Jones", a reference to the seafarer's legend of Davy Jones' Locker. He is an enormous anglerfish with small luminous spots in his body. He calls these glowing spots his precious boils, if he is hit in that weak spot he will bleed. When all of them are blown up, he opens his previously-closed eyes, which then become his targeted area. This, however, gives him better accuracy with his attacks. He, unlike other bosses, can also be fought while Banjo and Kazooie are transformed.. 


  • Lord Woo Fak Fak's name was inspired by Rare engineer Paul Machacek, who was known for his frequent use of profanity. When encountering problems in game development, he would begin swearing, but would cheer "Woo!" when the bug was fixed. The part of his name "Fak Fak" may be an innuendo and illusion to a certain profanity.
  • After defeating Lord Woo Fak Fak, shooting him with a Grenade Egg or Torpedo (if in Submarine form) will cause him to say various quotes.
    • One phrase he says when shot after defeat is "Stop shooting me! I am dead and have no more Jiggies!" Ironically, if he was truly dead, he would not be able to speak.
    • One quote states he "used to be a hero"
    • One quote states he knew Banjo's father.
    • One quote states he feels better when belly-up.
  • Despite Banjo-Tooie being an E-rated game, blood gushes from Lord Woo Fak Fak's boils when they are shot.