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Template:CharacterboxKrystal is the beautiful female protagonist of Star Fox Adventures, and one of the game's main goals is to free her from imprisonment. She was originally going to be a playable character in Dinosaur Planet and would be a feline and relatively younger.

A World in Distress

Krystal first appears after she hears that Dinosaur Planet is in distress, and sets out to save it. She is fired upon by General Scales' flagship, and after overcoming some obstacles, and accidentally losing her staff, Krystal damages the ship enough to get onboard and speak to the ship's captain. General Scales confronts her and throws her overboard where a denizen of Dinosaur Planet, the same one she used to fight the big ship with, saves her from falling to her death and she makes her way to the Krazoa Palace.

Test of Observation

File:Test of Observation.jpg
The first Krazoa test.

Krystal hears from an injured EarthWalker that the Krazoa Spirits and Krazoa Palace were in danger. Shortly afterward, she encounters her first Krazoa, who challenges her to one of many tests. This test was all about finding which vase the Krazoa was hiding in. After the challange was over with, she got possessed by the spirit and released it into its respective section of the palace.


File:Krystal in crystal.jpg
Krystal trapped in her crystal prison.

While she was releasing the spirit, sadly her mission was cut short As an unknown foe trapped her inside of a giant crystal, which was elevated to the rooftops and begins to drain her life force and remain There until all five remain spirits that are hidden are found. Sometime afterward, Fox McCloud who however found her staff when she lost it in the beginning of the game And at Moon Mountain Pass he and Prince Tricky gets a message from a Krazoa-like entity that Krystal needs his help as she begging for help that she needs the spirits In return or she will not survive, and sometime after Fox arrived at the Krazoa Palace, he encounters Krystal for the first time. Fox became mesmerized by her beauty and he immediately fell in love with her upon seeing her until Peppy snaps him out of it, much to Fox's chagrin.

Freedom and Recruitment

File:New Starfox Team.jpg
Krystal joins the Starfox.

It took awhile, but finally, after all six spirits are brought to the palace Fox begin to aware that something was definitely wrong as he begins to come very upset at the god as he and the god agreed if all the spirits are return she will be free but a price begins to pay as the spirits begins to go through her one by one and took it half of her energy however, Krystal is freed from her prison but almost fell to her death. Luckily, Fox saves her with her staff, but at a great price; Fox can't use her staff anymore, as it wasn't his to begin with, only temporary while she was trapped and the wicked Andross was revived. When Fox helped Krystal up with her staff, the two looked deeply into each others' eyes briefly, and thus it was true love at first sight. Krystal tried to fire Fire blasts from her staff thinking Andross would be hurt, but he escaped unscathed. Fox then leaves her behind to battle Andross in space with his Arwing. After the final battle was over, Krystal managed to make it to the Great Fox and become its first female member, much to Fox's great delight, as their romance began to blossom.


Kyrstal is a beautiful, kind, and gentle vixen who however discovered that her hometown in her home planet and her world was destroyed decided to get answers she met an evil sharp claws name General Scales however she is not afraid of anything including one the first test however before becoming trapped in her prison she discover Andross who was expelled for his crimes of becoming mad with power. As she left a message for Fox, however, to temporarily use her staff for a while but becomes panic that she begins to beg for help to save her life. After becoming free from her prison she became cold and selfish by taking back her staff from Fox, which it wasn't his to begin with but regrets it. Later, she apologized to Fox for being cold and bitter and selfish after she took back her staff.