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File:Kremling Krew (Donkey Kong Country 2).png
Kaptain K. Rool and the Kremling Krew.

The Kremling Krew is a powerful organization led by King K. Rool. Most Kremlings are a part of the Kremling Krew. However, the Kremling Krew is made up of other creatures that are not Kremlings. The Kremling Krew repeatedly attempts to steal Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s Banana Hoard and conquer the DK Isle.

In Donkey Kong Country, the Kremling Krew, under the command of K. Rool, invaded DK Isle and stole Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s hoard of bananas. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong teamed up to reclaim their bananas and rid their island of the Kremling Krew.

The Kremling Krew returned in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. This time, the organization was under the control of Kaptain K. Rool, King K. Rool’s pirate alter-ego. The members of the Kremling Krew copied their master, dressing in pirate regalia and even amputating limbs to be replaced with wooden pegs or hooks. The Kremling Krew kidnapped Donkey Kong and brought them to their base of operations, Crocodile Isle. Diddy Kong, teaming up with his girlfriend Dixie Kong, destroyed the island, seemingly ending the Kremling threat. However, the island is resurrected in Donkey Kong Land 2, along with all the Kremling Krew. Ultimately, the island is destroyed a second time.

After the second destruction of Crocodile Isle, a new leader rose to the head of the Kremling Krew. The new leader was the robot KAOS. In fact, K. Rool was the de facto leader. KAOS was actually under the control of Baron K. Roolenstein, the mad scientist persona of K. Rool.

Eventually, during the events of Donkey Kong Land III, King K. Rool returned to power (officially).

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