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File:Krazoa Spirit.jpg
Krystal meets the first Krazoa Spirit in Krazoa Palace.

"You have failed!!"

-- A Krazoa Spirit when Fox or Krystal loses a challenge.

Krazoa Spirits are mysterious entities that appear in Star Fox Adventures. They seem to be one with Dark Matter, and are capable of fantastic, almost magical things. There are six spirits in total, and they each have challenges for anyone who wants to find them. The first is in Krazoa Palace and is met by Krystal, who, after completing the Test of Observation, obtains the spirit. The second spirit is found by Fox and obtained after the completion of the Test of Combat. The third challenge, which is the hardest challenge of them all, is the Test of Fear, and Fox get another spirit by completing it. The fourth spirit is obtained after beating the Test of Strength, and the firth spirit is obtained when the Test of Knowledge is finished. And finally, the final spirit is in General Scales' possession, and is given to Fox upon Scales' defeat.


  • As the spirits are being released, they seem to utter "Andross reborn", foreshadowing Andross' big appearance at the end of the game. They even have a similar appearance to him, such as appearing to have what looks like a long beard.