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Template:Enemybox Klumps are troops of the Kremling Krew first appearing in Donkey Kong Country. These enemies are immune to Diddy's jumping on them, but he can, however, defeat them with his cartwheel. Donkey, however, can defeat them with any form of attack including barrels. According to the manual of Donkey Kong 64, he is one King K. Rool's generals.

In Donkey Kong 64, these enemies have differences; they throw grenades at the primates and have a pinkish coloration as well. They also make an appearance in the DK Rap where they fear Chunky as they say that "he can make a Kremling cry out for mommy". He additionally eats orange grenades to explode in his stomach, causing him to burp. He can be defeated by an orange grenade or a shockwave attack.




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