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"No, I can't love you anymore. Conker and Jugga won't work."
—Jugga, after Conker says that he loves her.

Template:Characterbox Jugga is a cavewoman from Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. She appears to be in a relationship with Buga, sitting next to him at the arena, giggling at his remarks. Conker also calls her a babe. She takes a special interest in Conker when she sees how he tames Fangy. She prompts Buga to jump into the arena and battle Conker, when she says that Conker has a "bigger bone" than Buga.

Jugga talks like other cavemen, saying various words and phrases that are/sound like English, while also speaking in a different language. She isn't as tall as Buga, but she is exceptionally large (she causes Conker to faint when he realizes that Jugga (whom Conker thinks is a babe) is so big, causing him to think its paradise. Later, she says that their relationship won't work so she walks away.