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Template:Characterbox Franky the Pitchfork is an anthropomorphic pitchfork found in the titular barn in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded in the chapter Barn Boys. He is portrayed as slightly dim, as he speaks in poor English and often stumbles over his words, creating many pauses in his speech.

Initially he is an antagonist, as, at the urging of his companions the paint pot and brush Ron and Reg, he attacks Conker. Conker wins the battle after tricking Franky into attacking and killing all the Bales of Hay in the barn. The pitchfork goes back to his supposed friends who, far from comforting him, tell him to kill himself. In despair, he attempts to hang himself from the rafters of the barn, and fails miserably due to his lack of "a neck of any description", to the glee of the pot and brush. Conker soon cuts him down and, out of gratitude, Franky aids him in defeating the Haybot (it's also hinted in the scene of Haybot's introduction that this isn't Franky's first encounter, due to the fact that Haybot refers to Franky as his nemesis), both in the barn and in the basement, which all three fall into after the Haybot destroys the floor. After the Haybot is defeated, Franky finds he has been split in half, and Conker tapes him back together. The basement then begins to flood, and Franky immediately disappears, leaving Conker to defend himself against the broken wires and rising water. Franky does not reappear until the throne room at the end. He was voiced by Chris Seavor in both games.