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Template:Characterbox The Experiment is a bizarre and powerful Tedi being that is actually two characters in one: the Experiment itself and the Little Girl attached to the creature's arm as she is just a puppet. The Experiment is also one of the bosses in the game Conker's Bad Fur Day and it's remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


The Experiment resembles a giant Tedi without eyes and with stitch marks all over it. Instead of regular legs, the Experiment has mechanical, spider-like ones jutting out of its robotic lower-body. The Experiment's right arm has also been replaced with a large mechanical claw.

Since the Experiment is virtually mindless it takes orders from the Little Girl, who replaces its left hand. The Experiment is armed with a variety of weapons which include two mini-guns, two missile launchers, two laser-cannons and a circular saw attached to its robotic claw.

Little Girl

An unnamed gray squirrel with blond hair and a blue dress; when Conker and Private Rodent first encounter the Little Girl, she feigns innocence and claims that the Tediz had kidnapped her. To the protests of Private Rodent, Conker decides to save the Little Girl, thinking he'll be rewarded with cash.

When Conker approaches the Little Girl, she and the Experiment, whose left hand she is crudely stitched too, attack. Conker and Rodent are forced to battle the Experiment and the Little Girl in a tank. After dodging barrages of projectiles, Conker and Rodent manage to blow-up the Experiment.

Due to the fact the Experiment is mindless, the Little Girl acts as the "brains and eyes" to the abomination, whose the "brawn" of the body.

From the smoldering remains of the Experiment, the Little Girl rises and, after blowing-up Conker's tank with Rodent in it, begins to taunt Conker and activates the self-destruct mechanism in the Tediz base. When last seen, the Little Girl was laughing maniacally as her head spun around in a demonic manner.  This head-spin, along with various quotes (including, "Do you know what your f***in' daughter did?!") are clear allusions to the possessed character in the film The Exorcist.

The Little Girl also seems to have a really bad temper which is displayed after getting blown right of the experiment by Conker from the tank, then (speaking in her demonic voice) saying "you little..." then suddenly coming to her senses saying " must keep my cool". She continues to try and calm herself after getting blown off the experiment's arm but not before losing her temper, in the order that follows:

  • You must keep my cool.
  • Aaaahhhh you little d*** sucker.... No no, keep calm, keep calm.
  • You f*** no keep calm keep calm.