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Drakon in the fortress of Dragon Rock.

Drakor is an evil cyborg dragon that appears in Star Fox Adventures. He is in possession of the final SpellStone, and is the warden of Dragon Rock's prison camp.


Drakor is very similar to the most common Dragons portraits and his name shares the first three letters with them. Drakor wears a triple articulated leash and has a horn horn on top of his head, similar to General Scales, which could increase intimidation. Its appearance, as well as the lack of resemblance to other dinosaurs, suggests that it was originally a SharpClaw before the stairs were mutated and its creation had to test the mutation process. Moreover, the fact that many of its body parts are mechanical in nature also imply that it is a cyborg. Its appearance and arm cannon can also have been inspired by Cyberdemon from the original Doom.


In the original script for the Dinosaur Planet, Drakor was actually an important figure of the Cameronian disgatta race that directly opposed the Krazo Spirits behind the scenes, leading to a future future in which the main character is killed in battle before Krystal returns the weather. This might have been considered too complicated or difficult to write in the plot since Krystal's playability dropped drastically when the title was converted into a Star Fox game. However, Drakor was transformed into another non-speaking leader and Andross would take his place as the biggest evil.