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  • ...h after one or a few scenes, he is forced to return it to whoever gave him the weapon. Unlike [[Temporary Weapon]]s, Permanent Weapons do not break after ...nergy. A Permanent Weapon's meter is slowly refilled after each use, so if the weapon is out of energy, Cooper must wait for it to refill before he can co
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  • ...s home to many characters, mainly the [[Ghouly|Ghoulies]], and is owned by the game's main antagonist, [[Baron von Ghoul]]. ...]], Ghoulhaven Hall also requires a staff who sometimes fall victim to the Ghoulies.
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  • items that appear in ''[[Grabbed by the Ghoulies]]''. They were created by [[Ma Soupswill]], whose face is shown on every green can of Super Soup. Ma ...n, its floating icon is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The icon flickers when its effect is about to wear off.
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  • ...Ghoulhaven Hall]] in ''[[Grabbed by the Ghoulies]]''. It is located behind the [[Grand Hallway]]. ...journey. During each visit, Cooper can witness an event take place behind the bars.
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