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One of the three playable characters in the Battletoads franchise, who also appears in Killer Instinct (2013 video game). Rash, aka Dave Shar, is the "class clown" of the Battletoads; an extrovert and show-off who loves to crack jokes, and is rarely seen without his trademark shades and spiked black knee-pads. Early artwork showed Rash wearing armbands as well, but these were never visible in most of the games, being removed entirely in Battletoads & Double Dragon but restored in his Killer Instinct appearance. Rash's profile in Battletoads Arcade reveals that he is 6'3" in height. Rash's skin color has also changed in appearance at the beginning of the series: he was initially a medium shade of green like the other 'Toads in the original game, but has bright green skin in every game since then. Rash has appeared in every game of the series, albeit not always as a playable character. He was the default character in the original game but was unavailable in Battletoads (Game Boy), due to having been kidnapped prior to the start of the game. He returned as player two's character in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs and remained a playable character in Battletoads & Double Dragon and Battletoads Arcade. His bio on the Killer Instinct site states;

"Rash is a member of the Battletoads, an elite spacefaring trio who love nothing more than brawling their way through the galaxy, taking down evil and looking sharp in the process. Impulsive Rash is the joker of the pack, very rarely seen without his distinctive shades.

"Cruising the cosmos on board the Vulture with teammates Zitz and Pimple and their mentor, the irascible Professor T. Bird, he seeks any opportunity to pursue justice with a side serving of immense collateral damage.

"Rash is not only comfortable with melee combat, he thrives on it. Like the other ’Toads, he can transmute parts of his body to deliver devastating Smash Hit attacks, capable of taking out everything from oversized alien rats to monstrous cyborgs. Hard experience has also granted him a mastery of support equipment including the speeder bike from the notorious Turbo Tunnel incident."

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