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== Crowla Benefits ==
== Crowla Benefits ==
* A Crowla can momentarily distract Dastardos
* A Crowla can momentarily distract [[Dastardos]]
== Sour Crowla ==
== Sour Crowla ==

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Crowla (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Crow

Candy: Cola

Level: 5

Base Value: 1500

Attack: Tombstones

In-Game Description

"When you see the Crowla, think less 'dark, sinister, grave robber' and more 'refuse collector.' It may stop that shiver tickling your spine."



  • Have a Crowla resident in the garden



  • Has eaten 1 Lickatoad
  • Has eaten 1 variant Lickatoad


  • Has eaten 2 Shellybeans
  • Have a Crowla house in the garden

Species Variant

  • Feeding a bottle of medicine to a Crowla changes their color to yellow

Crowla Benefits

Sour Crowla

"Like a bear trap mixed with a bird, the Sour Crowla looks terrifying. I'm not going to tell you that a Sour Crowla is just misunderstood, because it gives me nightmares."

As a sour, the Crowla will eat sick pinatas! Once you tame a Crowla, they will have the ability to momentarily distract Dastardos.



  • You are a level 3 gardener or better


  • You are a level 3 gardener or better


  • Has eaten 1 bottle of medicine
  • Have 1 birdbath in the garden

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